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Jessica Reynolds

Jessica Reynolds

Since beginning my design career in 1995, it has always been instinctual for me to put myself in the user’s shoes. Couple that with being a nerd who loves complex problem solving, it was only natural for me to evolve into the multi-disciplinary designer/researcher/strategist I am today.

In the early days, I worked with traditional print design agencies transitioning into digital capabilities as a “webmaster” which loosely equates to a combination between a lightweight front-end engineer and UI designer today. Once I got my first taste of a full end-to-end UX project in 2002 - conducting user research in the field, UX design, UI design, and user validation - on a project for Southwest Airlines (that is still in use today!) I was hooked. I shifted my whole career to a user-centered design focus.

While designing experiences that exceed business goals and make a user’s life a little easier are always super rewarding, the opportunities to help non-profits are often the most personally satisfying. I am really proud of the work that we did with Parent Companion, a guide for Texas parents and caregivers of young children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities.

When I’m not doing the work that I love, I’m hanging out with my kiddo and my 2 wiener dogs and a chiweenie or planning my next travel adventure and going off the beaten track to photograph and learn about some new place around the world.


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