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Alice Clark

Alice Clark

I have always been fascinated by people’s experiences. I majored in sociology at college and then continued to art and design because I became intrigued with the intersection between people and technology. It was 1995 and Netscape Navigator and CD-ROMs were that time’s emerging technologies. I was particularly interested in exploring how to craft emotional and meaningful experiences for people using these “new” technologies.

That led me to leave Vancouver, Canada in 1998 to join a small UI design firm in Austin, Texas where I started designing for interactive TV and video. There my passions for generative user research, design strategy, and cross-team collaboration sprouted and I soon began defining and refining my processes and techniques around these practices.

Nearly 20 years later I've had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects in entertainment, telecom, transportation, healthcare and financial services, for clients including Seton, Samsung, IBM, and Charles Schwab.

I'm most proud of the recent impact I’ve had in pediatric healthcare with Seton’s Comprehensive Care Clinic when I led the research and strategy for a patient storytelling application centered around crafting the best possible life for complex special needs children and their families.

When I'm not researching new ways to bring more humanity to healthcare, I spend time cooking with my family and friends and uncovering the best Central Texas wineries.


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